WODDI Youth Summit About WYS Our Youth Summit Includes the “Talk That Talk” Show, a media awareness program of WOODI which is centered on beaming spotlights and also providing solutions to youth-centric issues for the overall advancement of today’s youth in all areas of life. https://youtu.be/ODn5hdny89Y WODDI Youth Summit There is strength in your voice […]


WODDI Talk Show About WTS The WODDI Talk show serves as a platform where issues are x-rayed to create awareness and ignite purpose among individuals and other stakeholders of society. We leverage the media to reach both our target beneficiaries and the public. https://youtu.be/ODn5hdny89Y Support WODDI Woman Talk Show we deliberate on topics bothering on […]


WODDI Monthly Prayer Meeting About WMPM WODDI Monthly Prayer meeting is a gathering where we place our requests to God. He says when two or more are gathered, he is in their midst. We use this opportunity given to us by our creator, to stand in the gap and make intercessions for Peace, Love, and […]


WODDI Girl/Boy-child Initiative About WOGBCI The WOGBCI acts to promote the development of the child. Enlightening, inspiring and nurturing them to become well-rounded citizens. Accordingly, we work to:   Establish a safe-school system for children in schools. Provide leadership boot camps as well as mentorship and counselling sessions. Support government efforts to stem the prevalence […]


WODDI Empowerment & Skills Acquisition Programme About WESAP WODDI recognizes the importance of economic empowerment and skill acquisition in the achievement of self-actualization and the fulfillment of God-given potentials. The focus here is on the vulnerable segment of the population especially women, widows, orphans and the youth, and victims of insecurity in various parts of […]


WODDI Health Initiative About WHI Realizing the challenge posed by the lack of access to effective health care and proper nutrition for women, especially mothers and children, in rural areas, the WHI is our arrowhead for our intervention on maternal and child health issues.   This program provides Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) training to […]


She Needs A Roof About SNARP In SNARP we recognize the central place of shelter in human welfare. Unfortunately, women by reason of tradition are born disadvantaged in terms of access to landed property. Similarly, many widows are victims of negative widowhood practices which sometimes strip them of family/marital inheritances. SNARP, therefore, intervenes to put […]