WODDI Girl/Boy-child Initiative


WODDI Girl-Child Leadership and Counseling Programme is aimed at informing, inspiring and nurturing the girl-child as well as instilling lasting ethical principles and values in them. This programme counsels, and empowers them to participate in the decisions that most affect them to they build better futures for themselves and their families.

The programs are designed kowing fully well that education for girls is more than access to school, It’s also about girls feeling safe in classrooms and supported in the subjects and careers they choose to pursue – including those in which they are often under-represented young girls to become tomorrow’s nurturers.

WODDI also prioritize the education of boy child, understanding that the benefit of educating boys along with girls has an effect on gender inequality. Boys who grow up learning alongside their sisters, stand the chance to learn that women deserve the same opportunities and respect as men.
“Education provides an important opportunity to engage boys within learning environments to challenge gender inequality and encourage them to view girls as equal partners in education and life,”

Accordingly, we work to:

  • Establish a safe-school system for children in schools.
  • Provide leadership boot camps as well as mentorship and counselling sessions.
  • Support government efforts to stem the prevalence of out-of-school children in our society.
  • Pay regular visits to children in school and groups to the group to organize relevant programmes that advance our objectives.
  • Develop and publish child-friendly educational materials.

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The Girl-Boy Child initiative is a new initiative that aims to improve the lives of our children in the country and beyond. The initiative is aimed at providing better access to education, health, and nutrition for girl/boy child.