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WODDI is an acronym for Women of Divine Destiny Initiative is a non-profit organization incorporated under Nigeria Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) in 2008 with registration number: T: 2016/078715/08.


It is driven by the idea that every woman is a divine instrument in the hand of God and has been endowed with great potential to positively impact the nation, the state and indeed her community. Unfortunately, many of them have been hindered from realizing their full potential by circumstances beyond their control, some of which are conflicts, insecurity, tradition, and poverty.


We are therefore committed to transforming the lives of women, and indeed, the society at large, beginning from the family
unit. We empower the vulnerable segment of the population, especially among the womenfolk, to ignite their passion and enable them to stand on their feet and take up actions for a more purposeful living.


WODDI is committed to transforming peoples’ lives towards sustainable self-development. This, we accomplish through
dynamic capacity-building programs, enlightening initiatives, entrepreneurship development, and empowerment
programs. We also work to provide the necessary resources and mentorship in business, careers, and family life.


From the get-go, we believe in transforming people from poverty to hope, moving limitations to opportunities, and building bridges that move our society from division to unity. WODDI celebrates the rich diversity of our society and works together with individuals and organizations who steadfastly remain committed to breaking the cycle of marginalization and poverty in Nigeria.


To enhance the livelihood of human dignity through impactful and sustainable interventions.


To build a society where every woman, vulnerable children and youths, persons living with disabilities, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are empowered to become resourceful enough to be self-reliant and transform our world.


  • Nonviolence
  • Common Good
  • Dignity & Mutual Respect
  • Partnership/Collaboration 
  • Integrity
  • Transperency
  • Accountability

Our Goals

To improve the lives of widows, girls, youths, IDPs, physically challenged persons, indigent house-holds, orphans and vulnerable children, and minority populations in Nigeria


  • Facilitate access to quality education to our target beneficiaries.
  • Nurture the child by cultivating moral, social and spiritual values.
  • Create awareness on matters of overall girl/boy-child protection and school safety.
  • Work to eradicate the high-rate school drop-out and out-of-school children.
  • Promote, enlighten, and sensitize citizens in various communities on the reality of mental health problems.
  • Promote international understanding through educational programmes and cultural exchanges.
  • Promote programs of social work and improved healthcare delivery, especially among women and newborns.
  • To provide palliative support and relief materials to victims of conflicts and emergencies especially, the Internally Displaced Persons.

Join us to make a difference

Join us today to put smiles back on the faces of indigent widows and orphans in our community by providing shelters for them.