She Needs A Roof


In SNARP we recognize the central place of shelter in human welfare. Unfortunately, women by reason of tradition are born disadvantaged in terms of access to landed property. Similarly, many widows are victims of negative widowhood practices which sometimes strip them of family/marital inheritances. SNARP, therefore, intervenes to put smiles back on the faces of indigent widows, orphans, and Internally displaced persons.

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Mrs Mabel

I am an old and poor widow. Life has been incredibly difficult for me for the past several years of my life. Until WODDI’s intervention, I lived in a dilapidated mud house with no bed or anything normal people have at home for comfort.  I wouldn’t have had the chance to have a taste of what a good life is without WODDI. Today, I am a happy owner of a 2 bedroom apartment, it still looks unreal to me, but I am grateful to God for making this possible through Ugo Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha. God bless and prosper you and the WODDI team in Jesus’ name.

Mrs Roseanna

In the voice of Mrs Roseanna, “My life has been a long tale of constant sorrow, indescribable pain, and endless misery. I’ve been a widow for about seventy years now and have lost thirteen of my children to the cold hands of death. At one point, I lost one of my sons, his wife, and my two grandchildren in a fatal car accident. The series of death marked me out for abandonment by members of my extended family – I was devasted. My house is supposed to be a two-room mud house, however, one side of it has completely collapsed while the room I live in is on the verge of collapsing as well, so I have to support it with planks and a tarpaulin for the roof and sleep on my bamboo make-shift bed. 


My life was a mess until God sent one of his angels in the person of Ugo Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okoroacha to me. I still can’t believe that a human being like her exists on earth. She built a house for me for free and still supported me with resources for my upkeep. May God bless her abundantly.“

Mrs Emilia

My husband died in 2012. That triggered the most difficult part of my life. I live in a house partially covered with bamboo, and the roof is covered with a few sheets of zink with the sides opened — My closest companions are flies, mosquitoes, other rodents, and reptiles. On rainy nights, I run to take shelter at a church building. Due to the height of hardship and suffering, I sent my three children out as housemaids to different homes. 


I couldn’t believe it when I was told I was about to get a new house. Today, my joy knows no bounds as I am a happy owner of a two-bedroom fully furnished bungalow. Ugo Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha made me the owner of this beautiful house without me contributing anything to building it. My God rewards you in Jesus’ name


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Join us today to put smiles back on the faces of indigent widows, orphans, and internally displaced persons in our community by providing shelters for them.