WODDI Covid-19 Palliative


Knowing the situation most of our SNARP beneficiaries are in, WODDI had to act to make sure they weren’t overburdened with the Coronavirus, that has claimed over 600,000 lives worldwide. Their lifestyles leave them vulnerable to viruses like these, because they have limited access to information, given their remoteness, in addition to their communal lifestyle.

During the lockdown, the WODDI team were given palliative materials which included: beverages, yams, rice, boxes of Indomie and more food items to distribute to 200 homes across Imo state. They also educated the beneficiaries on the dos and don’ts of the virus.

They were happy to see familiar faces and expressed joy in the fact that WODDI remembered them in a time like this; many danced, sang and couldn’t contain their joy.

Overall, it was a success and we couldn’t be happier knowing our beneficiaries like Daberechi and her brother Pascal, as well as Juliana Ejimofor and many more, are well taken care of.

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