Episode 1: Dangers of Bitterness – Overview


Bitterness is a plague eating at the happiness of society, we’ve all experienced it, whether being the victim of another person’s bitterness or being bitter towards another person or a situation.

WODDI’s live show which held on the 13th of August 2020 was the first episode of a six (6) – episode series, titled “Dangers of Bitterness”. It addresses bitterness at a granular level, from the root, causes and types of bitterness; it is sure to leave people in a reflective mood.

The first episode of the series aired on WODDI’s Instagram Live with host, H.E. Nkechi Rochas Okorocha (PhD) – The CEO/ founder of WODDI, anchored by Mr. Fidelis Dalyop and the distinguished speakers were H.E. Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo – the wife of the vice president of Nigeria, Hajiya Zainab Mohammad – The national coordinator for Partnership for Rural Women Development (P4RWD) and an ambassador for GOGAN, Mrs. Ogola Ogee Onazi, broadcaster and director of the northern operations of Raypower (stable of Daar Communications) and Dr Sani Aliyu – The commandant general of the Neighborhood Enlightenment and Safety Organization (NESO).

These speakers brought insight to the topic and a fresh perspective, unlike anything we’ve heard. They educated us on the fact that bitterness has more to do with us than the people we blame and looking inward is the only way to overcome it. In introducing the topic, the speakers note how bitterness robs you of a quality life because of how poisonous it can be. In the family life, bitterness robs children of love, these children grow up and are incapable of love. Speaking on the causes of bitterness, the feeling of injustice is almost always the catalyst, whether it be feeling like your dreams died because of your marriage or feeling like you never received as much as you give in a given situation.

Speaking from personal experiences, the speakers attest to how easy it is to become bitter when bad things happen and how easily it eats you up and ruins your relationships with people you might have known your whole life. Their perspective on overcoming bitterness was very honest, the emphasis was placed on the importance of being honest with yourself and admitting that you are indeed bitter, instead of living in denial. They also highlighted how important it is to address the cause of your bitterness head-on while identifying the triggers and keeping them in check.

The big take-home was bitterness is a natural human emotion, it’s a necessary evil sometimes. It’s alright to be bitter but it’s not okay to stay stuck in bitterness as it essentially means you get robbed twice. The first time being when you experience whatever situation leads you to become bitter and a second time when you dwell on it and allow it rot your soul.

It’s important to learn how to manage our bitterness, understanding ourselves, our triggers and constantly reminding ourselves of our goals and purpose is the way to do this. Bitterness also plays a role in crime, that’s why it must be managed before it escalates. In situations as serious as death and miscarriage, it would be helpful to seek professional help. All in all, bitterness is no way to live.

Don’t miss out on the next episode on Thursday 20th August, 2020 at 5pm as we discuss Dangers of bitterness from the generational angle.

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