Episode 2 : Dangers of Bitterness – Generational Bitterness

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Following the success and positive feedback of episode 1 of the WODDI Woman Talk Show series – “Dangers of Bitterness”, a follow-up episode focusing on “Generational Bitterness” was aired with the same aim of dissecting bitterness and prompting healing for peaceful coexistence. This second episode was held on the 20th of August 2020 and streamed live on WODDI Instagram live, Facebook and Zoom.

The episode focused on the bitterness that has lingered in families and society at large for generations, their causes, how it affects our daily life and the corresponding consequences with solutions. The talk show was hosted by H. E. Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha (Founder/ CEO of WODDI), anchored by Mr. Fidelis Dalyop, and the guests were Hajia Zainab Mohammed (Ambassador for GOGAN) and Comrade Haruna Braimoh Gani (public speaker).

In introducing the topic, Comrade Haruna explained generational bitterness as inherited feelings of hate and jealousy that has been carried over for multiple generations, while H.E. Nkechi Rochas Okorocha explained it as a type of darkness that had been consuming families and communities over many generations.

More so, misinformation, lack of exposure, the arrogance of ignorance, over entitlement, land disputes and unwillingness to accept change were amongst the listed causes of this virus of generational bitterness. Adding to the causes of generational bitterness, Hajia Zainab mentioned that it boils down to misinformation that has been allowed to spread continuously, with the new generation not knowing the actual truth of events. She also said that it takes one generation having the fortitude to ask the needed questions to realize this fact.

Relating generational bitterness to real-life experiences, the “Osu outcast” was heavily discussed along with other examples. Comrade Haruna explains how tradition, culture and superstition allow this form of hate and discrimination to evolve into generational bitterness as people continue to practice ideologies that we ought to do away with, because of their damaging effects. He stresses the point for us to sit down and reflect on the need for the evolution of our customs and traditions. Also speaking on real experiences with generational bitterness, Hajia Zainab pointed out the same customs and traditions that have caused this bitterness also playing out in discouraging marriages between certain tribes and ethnicities.

Generational bitterness has affected the family unit for so long, Mrs. Nkechi Rochas Okorocha spoke on how the virus of bitterness silently eats you away to a point where it might be too late and at that point, the family no longer has a unified front; the family where love and happiness are meant to be promoted all of a sudden is consumed by distrust and disloyalty. African societies are built on complex family units as Comrade Haruna said, he also stated that the disease of generational bitterness is successfully eroding the beauty of the family structure.

After dealing with the causes and effects of generational bitterness, solutions were proffered. The participants agreed that the woman, family unit, traditional and religious rulers, education system and government all have a role to play. Mrs. Nkechi Rochas Okorocha emphasized on the need for women to have the capacity in taking the lead on the healing process, she said, to do this, the woman has to be free of her bitterness, and position herself in such a way where she can truly help in understanding the peculiarities of the situation and people involved.

In a nutshell, episode 2 of the Dangers of Bitterness advised all stakeholders to evaluate the information they are being fed from older generations, and draw out the truth, to be able to break the chain of generational bitterness.

Surely, all hands must be on deck to achieve this feat, as the solution is not as simple as a vaccine but willingness to confront inherited misinformation.

This Thursday 27th August 2020 on episode 3 of Dangers of Bitterness, we will be discussing on the bitterness that destroys the family unit (Family Bitterness).

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