Why mothers are the bedrock of the family

The sound of “Om” is believed to pervade the universe for eternity, transcending time and space. Since the dawn of civilisation, the only other word that evokes the same profundity is “maa” in its varied avatars of mother, mom, mummy, mata ji, ammi jaan, baa. The soft emotions connoted by this word bear testimony to […]


WODDI Youth Summit About WYS Our Youth Summit Includes the “Talk That Talk” Show, a media awareness program of WOODI which is centered on beaming spotlights and also providing solutions to youth-centric issues for the overall advancement of today’s youth in all areas of life. https://youtu.be/ODn5hdny89Y WODDI Youth Summit There is strength in your voice […]


WODDI Talk Show About WTS The WODDI Talk show serves as a platform where issues are x-rayed to create awareness and ignite purpose among individuals and other stakeholders of society. We leverage the media to reach both our target beneficiaries and the public. https://youtu.be/ODn5hdny89Y Support WODDI Woman Talk Show we deliberate on topics bothering on […]


WODDI Monthly Prayer Meeting About WMPM WODDI Monthly Prayer meeting is a gathering where we place our requests to God. He says when two or more are gathered, he is in their midst. We use this opportunity given to us by our creator, to stand in the gap and make intercessions for Peace, Love, and […]


WODDI Girl/Boy-child Initiative About WOGBCI WODDI Girl-Child Leadership and Counseling Programme is aimed at informing, inspiring and nurturing the girl-child as well as instilling lasting ethical principles and values in them. This programme counsels, and empowers them to participate in the decisions that most affect them to they build better futures for themselves and their […]


WODDI Empowerment & Skills Acquisition Programme 0 + EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM 0 + PERSONS EMPOWERED EMPOWER SOMEONE TODAY Your contribution can pave the way to making many self-reliant through effective skill acquisition DONATE


WODDI Health Initiative About WHI The WODDI understand the gap in quality and equitable health care for women, including minority population subgroup, and that is why it is a vital part of her strategic planning to consciously improve the lives of women at risk in the immediate community. It recognizes the fact that, the health […]


She Needs A Roof About SNARP In SNARP we recognize the central place of shelter in human welfare. Unfortunately, women by reason of tradition are born disadvantaged in terms of access to landed property. Similarly, many widows are victims of negative widowhood practices which sometimes strip them of family/marital inheritances. SNARP, therefore, intervenes to put […]